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How to take care of your wedding veil

We always do our best to package your items nicely and make sure it arrives to you safe and sound in the best condition possible.

When we’ve finished your handmade wedding veil, we wrap the comb in tissue paper to prevent damage and snagging of the tulle. We then carefully pack it in a way to minimise creasing. Rather than folding, we tend to tuck in sides and roll the fabric forward making sure that any creases will be down the length of the veiling fabric. It’s wrapped in acid free tissue and placed in the box. All good to know if you want to put it back in the box because folding something like a long cathedral length veil on your own can be daunting.

When you receive your wedding veil – although you can store it in the box, we always recommend to remove your veil and hang it with your wedding dress or somewhere that it won’t get damaged, like a spare room or in a tall wardrobe. The night before the wedding, you can take it out and it should only require minimal steaming.

If you find yourself having to get rid of creases in your veil you can use a hand held steamer or if your don’t have access to one, here’s a quick guide on how to take care of your wedding veil and steam it yourself at home.

3 Simple Steps To Steam Your Wedding Veil At Home – The Easy Way!

Step 1:

Find a short piece of thin ribbon or string and weave it in between the teeth of your veil comb. Tie both ends together securely and place the loop over the head of a hanger. Place the hook over the door or whatever you’re using to hang your veil.

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Locate a room in your house or even the hotel room and make sure there’s no children running around or people walking past the area you plan to hang your veil. A floor to ceiling wardrobe door or somewhere high enough that ensures your veil doesn’t touch the ground will be perfect.

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Step 2:

Fill an electric kettle with clean water and place it on the ground beneath your veil and wait until it comes to the boil. Open the lid and flick the switch down again. The kettle should keep boiling with the lid open to create enough steam to envelop your veil. Be very careful not to put your hands too close to the steam as it gets really hot. You can wear rubber gloves at this time to protect your hands. It’s important not to have any young children in the area that may knock over the kettle or come into contact with the steam.

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Step 3:

As the steam rises through the tulle, gently and continuously move the veil to help the all creases fall out. The damp heat of the steam will weight the fabric down and set fabric as long as it’s not touching the floor. When you’re happy with the results, you can remove the kettle and leave your veil there to hang until it’s dry. You can also use this method to soften the tulle if you feel that it’s too poofy or the tulle is too crisp. Just be careful not to overdo the steaming process as it can make your veil look limp.

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In this short video below, Aideen shows you how simple it is to get rid of those unsightly creases in your wedding veil that can ruin the look of your bridal ensemble.

This method is not something we ever have to do here at Engaging Bridal. We’re used to working with this type of material and have plenty of experience pressing tulle because we do it every day. What’s more, we use a special kind of steam iron in our bridal boutique that’s only used for the purpose of finishing bridal apparel. When a bride collects her outfit a few days before the wedding, we can just pack the veil neatly inside the dress cover to avoid any noticeable creases.

We hope you found this quick guide on how to take care of your wedding veil handy because every little helps when it comes to preparations before the big day.

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